The Vita Lounge is a rapidly growing website which focuses on Sony’s PlayStation Vita handheld console and after being formed in July 2012 it has grown an audience in Europe and in North America.

We have thousands of visits a week and tens of thousands of page piews per month and this is growing all the time.

Our Alexa rating as of February 2013 is 263,067 for the world, 85,777 for the US and 15,820 for the United Kingdom, where it is predominantly based. Our exact figures can be found by clicking here and being taken directly to Alexa’s website.

If you are looking to advertise, and in particular you would like to target PlayStation or PlayStation Vita owners then we would love to hear from you, so please feel free to drop Paul Murphy an email at and we can discuss the opportunities available. Please take into consideration that our audience also includes those under the age of 18, so any offers should be appropriate to this.

We currently have a vacancy on a 300×250 sized promotional space, which would appear at the top of our sidebar.