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It is a difficult thing to create a unique spin on a much-loved classic puzzle game to make it feel fresh and rejuvenated. It is even more difficult to create a trilogy on that classic game that still feels unique. Yet 10Tons LTD have attempted it, but have they succeeded?

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As PS Plus celebrates its fifth anniversary, Fred Dutton at the EU PlayStation Blog has announced that there are some new changes coming for European members. As of this July, the free games for the month will now be released on the first Tuesday of each month instead of Wednesday. This means that Europe and North America will now get their free games on the same day.

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The LEGO games on Vita have been up and down ever since they made the jump with LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7; I’ve enjoyed a few, but the last couple I played (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and The LEGO Movie Videogame for the record) have been terrible.

Hearing that we’d be getting a new LEGO game based on one of my all time favorite movies I got very excited, and yet very nervous at the same time. Were they going to go the same route they did with the previously mentioned “terrible” games, or would they bring it back to the good ol’ formula that made them famous? To keep you from wondering, LEGO Jurassic World goes back to that enjoyable formula that brought them this far in the first place – ditching that terrible isometric perspective to bring us up close for some awesome dinosaur-infused action.