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2014 is quickly becoming known as the year of the broken video game. It seemed like every week a new game would be coming out that had some major bug or flaw that would soon be discussed in length on gaming forums. Whether it was problems with connecting to online matches, frame-rate drops or characters with missing skin, it seemed as though no developer could deliver a finished product.

Then inevitably a new conversation would start. “Remember back when games just worked?” Oh yes, everyone would nod. Those were the days. You pulled out your NES cartridge, slid it into the machine, and the game just worked, no problems. The glory days.

Except those days never existed.

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Now that 2015 is finally upon us we can take a look at what games will be releasing for the PlayStation Vita this January. What will you spend your hard earned cash on? Or do you still have some vouchers lying around from Christmas? Let us know which of the titles listed tickles your fancy!