Living life in pixels.

OrangePixel have set their sights on PlayStation Vita, and their like willing to miss. Merging the roguelike nature of Spelunky with the intense action of a side-scrolling shooter, the quality of budget-priced title Gunslugs took many a Vita owner by surprise when it made the jump from mobile earlier this month, firmly placing the Dutch developer on the metaphorical map. Next up, the studio has already planned to bring over yet another one of their games to Sony’s handheld, a Gauntlet style dunge0n-crawler by the name of Heroes of Loot.


On February 22nd, 2012 the PlayStation Vita was officially released in North America and Europe; the successor to the PlayStation Portable (PSP), it’s an upgrade in nearly every hardware aspect – but how about that software library?


A look at the unique collaboration that spawned one of gaming's most unique soundtracks.

It may be the understatement of the year to say that Tearaway is a great game. In any given year many great games are released, which is what makes nominating titles for various “best of lists” so inherently difficult. Year in, and year out, great games sprawl across a multitude of genres and a vast landscape of platforms, delivered to us by creative minds and passionate hearts. However every so often a truly wonderful game is released, a game that transcends definition and utilizes the its platform not as a stage, but as an extension of the experience itself.


Recently I got the chance to have a talk with Sharan Balani, the founder of Quickfire Games. Their studio recently introduced an interesting Kickstarter for a game called Wild Season, which Sharan and I talk a bit about as well as touching on other gaming (and Vita) aspects.


Anyone that visits us regularly at The Vita Lounge knows that we are among the biggest supporters of the platform. However, it goes with the territory of being a Vita owner that we should never really get our hopes up with announcements. When you hear the news that Sony have called a meeting to announce the “slimmest” member of the PlayStation family, would you really have expected that a solitary colour, with a suggested RRP far in excess of what the previous incarnation is selling for was what they had in mind? It hardly seemed worth it.


Indie developer reveals details about newly announced title.

The PlayStation Vita stands one the great beacons for indie developers, playing host to some of unique and creative titles available on the market. Whether games are ports of existing properties or naively designed, Sony’s handheld seems to attract some of the most talented independent developers in the world. In fact, fostering strong and long-lasting relationships with creators has been the main focus for the PlayStation brand for some time now, and it continues to be moving forward.


The Birth of an Idea

Since launch the PlayStation Vita has slowly amassed a bountiful and diverse library of games that touch nearly all corners of the gaming spectrum, but if we are to be honest with ourselves there are some areas in which it is lacking. Sports games have offered gamers the thrill of realistic competition on a digital playing-field, and with the advent of online multi-player the sense of rivalry has only increased. It’s no secret that quality simulations are few and far between on the Vita, yet there seems to be something far more bothersome occurring at large in Sports games; genre-wide homogenization.


Spider-Man 2 Creator speaks on return to hallowed ground.

You may not know the name Jamie Fristrom, but there’s a good chance you know his work. Apart from being a long-time contributor to both Gamasutra and Game Devereloper, Jamie has been behind the development of such titles as Tony Hawk and Spider-Man.  In fact, despite being an industry veteran, he is best known for his work on Activision‘s licensed Spider-Man games from the early 2000′s, and perhaps specifically for Spider-Man 2.