The PS Vita and PS4 share a lot of games and they’re about to share one more: RESOGUN. Yes, the voxel-filled PS4 exclusive is making the jump to the PS Vita.

James Hawkins who is part of Sony’s XDEV team revealed on the PlayStation Blog that the Vita version is “coming and is looking, sounding and most importantly, playing great.”

For the time being, no other information regarding the port has been revealed.

When we hear more about the PS Vita version, we’ll let you know. In the mean time, what other PS4 games would you like to see make the jump to the PS Vita? Let us know in the comments below.


While it has been available in North America for quite some time, there is a new glimmer of hope that the game will be heading to Europe in the next few months, maybe even this year.


The already packed roster for Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus just received two more occupants: Daidoji and Rin.

The latest update to the PlayStation Store brought with it a character pack which includes the two elder shinovi. For $5.99 from the US PlayStation Store, you can purchase the DLC and get a taste of these two powerful ladies. Each character can also be bought individually for $3.99 a piece if you’d rather get a specific one.

I gave Daidoji a brief spin before writing this article and to say the least, I’m impressed. Like Katsuragi, she possesses a deadly arsenal of charge attacks that can pierce an opponents’ guard, if timed correctly. When she transforms, she her appearance changes to something you would likely see in he movie Grease, further adding to the intimidating nature of this shinovi.

Daidoji’s special attacks include a flurry of kicks, a tiger projectile punch that is excellent for crowd control, and a barrage of punches for her ultimate attack.

Additionally, each character has her own side story to enjoy.