Curve Digital have been at the forefront for many the great indie ports over the last year, and have really cemented their place as the go-to place for developers looking to bring their titles to the PlayStation platform. They have already brought us Thomas was Alone, Stealth Inc., Lone Survivor, Proteus and also ported Velocity Ultra to the PS3. Their ever-growing reputation has led to them being in control of three more ports simultaneously and as I was really looking forward to seeing what they have been up to, I set off on a warm Tuesday evening to London to meet them.


Namco Bandai recently served up a demo for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z more than a month before the game is slated for release in the West. With all progress made in the demo being transferable to the full-release (including achieved trophies which are not yet available) I decided to jump in and to share with you my early experience so that you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth jumping in early, or if you should hold off entirely.


I found myself combing through twitter when I stumbled across Excamedia, an Indie dev studio based in the Netherlands. They were talking about their upcoming PlayStation Vita game, A Clumsy Adventure. Being the nosy neighbor that I am, I decided to message them and see what their game was all about. Lucky me they’re a nice bunch of people, and sent me a preview build of their game.


In development for over a year, Escape Hatch Entertainment recently released a closed beta of Starlight Inception, showcasing some of the features and game-play prior to release. The only mode available in the beta is that of the campaign, which seems to start you off on the first level of the game and gives you a total of about twenty minutes of play.


As of October 24th select European and North American PlayStation Plus members were invited to join a closed Destiny of Spirts in order to help improve the experience. For those unaware, Destiny of Spirits is a free-to-play, location-based, social RPG game for the PlayStation Vita and is developed by SCEJA. Players are tasked to work together cooperatively in a turn-based RPG style action to battle evil Chaos spirits.