We return to where it all began in 2011, when we first learned of Neptune, Gamindustri and Arfoire. The beloved PS3 game Hyperdimension Neptunia makes its way to the PS Vita and has been tweaked, altered and upgraded. Do these changes work? Let’s find out!


Hohokum is an interesting game to say the least. Playing as a multicoloured, snake-like ‘Long Mover’ you are placed into the world of Hohokum with no given goals or targets. Figuring out what you are supposed to do in this bright, colourful world is something that you must figure out for yourself. With no tutorial or hints the game leaves you to your own devices and encourages you to experiment and discover things on your own.


Kicking ass, stripping enemies, exploring Akihabara and helping citizens; you’re the king of the otaku, and this is your playground – so when someone or something appears to threaten it, it’s up to you to take a stand.

But is this really your stand to take? Let me paint you a picture, as this one’s definitely not a “one size fits all” adventure.


Before I write this review, I need a couple of disclaimers. First of all, I have not played a Disgaea game before. All of my thoughts are from someone completely new to the series. Also, I hate sardines. I don’t like the taste nor the smell. They seem like the perfect delicacy for cats and those in Hell.


It’s been nearly eight years since the world was able to play a new Micro Machines game. Unfortunately, it seems to be one of those series’ that didn’t make the generational jumps, losing its way with it no sign of a return any time soon. Thankfully, for anyone like me who appreciates their inner speed freak and enjoys high impact miniature racing, Table Top Racing is here to fill the void.


Developed originally by Cellar Door Games, Rogue Legacy makes it’s journey to the Vita via Abstraction Games (the ones behind Hotline Miami) as a 2D platformer with rogue-like elements thrown in.


It’s my first race, and I’m nervous. I can feel the fear wash over me, just as much as the sweat is washing over my hands. I’m starting in the last pole position, and ahead of me are 15 riders who are all looking to take down the rookie. Also, being the only female rider on the course, I know that I have something extra I need to prove. This is it. The roar of the engines get louder and louder. The crowds are cheering us on. The light flashes, and the race is under way.


It's clone-ly out in Space!

You are stranded on Theseus, a damaged space station and need to find a way to escape. Whilst searching for a way out you will come across a portable cloning device, the titular Swapper that allows for you to create copies of yourself in order to solve the game’s many puzzles. This cloning device’s other feature is that it allows you to switch control to any of the clones that you create, providing that there is a direct line of sight between yourself and them.


Who knew graphs could be so fun.

Minimalism. Something that, if done right, can provide unparalleled style and atmosphere to a video game. Developer Digital Dreams certainly nailed this as their Vita-exclusive action-puzzler makes its way to the PlayStation store.


The tale of a fish, a bird and a dragon.

Entwined is an interesting game. Entwined’s stripped down, extremely minimal design compliments its simplified gameplay, although it sometimes feels a little too minimal. In a time where games come loaded with a multitude of gameplay mechanics, blending genres and switching between different styles of action on the fly, it’s a rare thing to feel like a game could actually improve with more interesting and varied gameplay, but that’s exactly how I felt when Entwined finished.