The tale of a fish, a bird and a dragon.

Entwined is an interesting game. Entwined’s stripped down, extremely minimal design compliments its simplified gameplay, although it sometimes feels a little too minimal. In a time where games come loaded with a multitude of gameplay mechanics, blending genres and switching between different styles of action on the fly, it’s a rare thing to feel like a game could actually improve with more interesting and varied gameplay, but that’s exactly how I felt when Entwined finished.


Developed by Arc System Works, Magical Beat is a music puzzle game similar to Tetris, but with some key differences. First off you take on an oppenent while trying to match multiple colored blocks together, and you have to do this to a beat. Doing so in quick succesion will mess up your oppenent and there for help you win.


Developed by critically acclaimed indie studio Nicalis, 1001 Spikes is their ode to the merciless side-scroller games of yore – but does it hold up in modern standards? I took a dive in and found out.


Developed by Compile Heart, Monster Monpiece is a card battling game where you play as Mey – a young girl who isn’t too confident in herself and her abilities as a Monster Girl master. In the interest of full disclosure, card battling games are not normally a genre I would take the time to play, but due to the uniqueness of the game I thought why not give Monster Monpiece a go – and give it a go I did.


Starlight Inception is a game that was conceived in hope and born to controversy. Its Kickstarter campaign pitched it as “the rebellious stepchild of Wing Commander, X-Wing, and Freespace 2.” But when Escape Hatch Entertainment released the game, it was a buggy, glitched, and technical mess. The laundry list of problems I ran into while playing it was extensive, and I soon learned that the team at Escape Hatch were well aware of the problems and a had a fix in the works. After reviewing their list of problems they were correcting, I noticed that they were almost identical to the list of problems I was suffering.

Now after having installed the enormous 2.28 gb patch, which brings the game to version 1.01, I returned to Starlight Inception to give it another chance.


With the PS2 being home to many great games, it is no surprise that a lot of remakes and remasters are getting released on newer PlayStation consoles with the PlayStation Vita getting its fair share of them. Back in this golden age of gaming, Sony’s first party studios were busy making a trio of outstanding trilogies that all fell into the platform genre. Naughty Dog had replaced Crash Bandicoot with the Jak & Daxter games, Sucker Punch created a stealthy Racoon named Sly Cooper and Insomniac were getting creative with the Ratchet & Clank series.

Jazz: Trump's Story

Jazz: Trump’s Journey seemed to appear in this past weeks’ PlayStation Network without any warning. The game is a largely a routine platformer with the addition of some music based time control mechanics thrown in to vary the mix up. Trump’s Journey is, unsurprisingly, the story of lead character Trump as he overcomes a series of challenges in order to form a band and win a musical competition.


In a lab on Planet Cohesia, the crazy cat scientist Schrödinger is hard at work on his latest experiment. This famous cat in on the verge of a breakthrough, but he’s quickly running out of the one resource needed to make everything work: cheese. Fortunately, a generous and mysterious benefactor shows up to fund the continuation of the project, and therefore Schrödinger’s experiment involving mice, cheese, and a steady flow of tetrominoes can proceed.