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Drinkbox studios are following through on their promise to support Guacamelee with DLC; pack #1 is now in our hands and features a trio of “costumes” (as well as enabling Tostada on PSVita) and some trophies to accompany them. There’s no extra content as far as playable areas in this pack, but we’re hoping next pack will fulfill that need – they’ve already stated this won’t be the only one.

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LittleBigPlanet PSVita is a virtually unlimted supply of gaming packed into one little cartridge. I loved it when I reviewed it in September. The amount of imagination that some of you have is simply unbelievable. There is an almost infinite supply of levels to choose from the community. But if you wanted another few from those that made the game then this little piece of DLC may be right up your alley. Especially if you are a Marvel Comics fan.

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