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  1. TheAtom
    I'll admit, I skip all of the drilling sessions, but I am still VERY surprised by how, save those sessions, easy this game is on 'plot' actually.
    Aug 28, 2018
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  2. Terramax
    Yeah, if Shakespear were alive today, he'd play this game in awe!
    Aug 28, 2018
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  3. TheAtom
    In awe of the... well, PLOT of course.
    Aug 28, 2018
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  4. lesdennis
    there is a plot? oh wow!

    still waiting for mine to arrive....... was sat in customs 16th August.....
    Aug 28, 2018
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  5. Barcellona
    Are you the youtuber with the full Spanish Vita set?
    Aug 29, 2018
  6. Retro8bit
    lesdennis - Kinda. It's paper thin but better than you'd expect.

    Barcellona - Me? I don't think so. I am currently going for a complete NA set, and then someday hopefully a full worldwide one, which I have mentioned on my Youtube. Not a complete Spanish one though.
    Aug 30, 2018
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