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  1. rajat
    Should i post this in the bargain thread ?
    Sep 7, 2018
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  2. DojoDan
    I have no idea :) Out of interest do you use them?
    Sep 7, 2018
  3. rajat
    NO, if they were like 10C maybe, but $19.99 is just way too expensive
    Sep 7, 2018
  4. ninty72
    I use similar ones on my nintendo stuff as there all made of cardboard. But vita cases not for me.
    Sep 7, 2018
  5. zodaex
    Might get a couple just for my sealed Spelunky and Curses N Chaos
    Sep 7, 2018
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  6. sean
    At 19 bucks per....
    Think I would just buy another 50 stack of new vita cases to swap stuff out.
    Sep 8, 2018