Aqua Kitty - Milk Mine Defender DX

Discussion in 'PlayStation Vita Games' started by repoman, Nov 24, 2014.

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    Is a PSV/PS4 cross-buy cross-save title. Basically it's Defender underwater. It's playable enough and even quite good fun. Pretty bad graphics though. On the PS4, it's most obvious competition is Resogun (which is the best game on the system) so it's not great. Has less competition on the Vita but is a bit more fiddly to play on there. Especially as a lot of the screen area is wasted.

    I kind of like it though. Is out soon I think.
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    I've played a fair amount of it from a PR code I got yesterday, and I think it's fun thus far. I've played it on my Vita and the PlayStation TV and it looks nice. The 2D visuals translate nicely to my TV, though I dunno how close some of you sit to your TV's.

    I didn't play the original game, but this one seems like a bit of fun, and one of those shoot-em-ups where you can move across the screen at your leisure instead of the screen constantly moving for you, like it does in Flying Hamster HD.

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