Arcade Distillery are, apparently, bringing 4+ games to Vita in the future

Discussion in 'PlayStation Vita Games' started by Kresnik, May 14, 2017.

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    We have a lot of indie devs bringing games to Vita but I thought I'd make a thread bringing attention to this developer who are pledging a lot of support to the handheld in its twilight years. Their biggest social media presence is Luc Bernard, the Eternity's Child dev who seems to be going big on Vita at the moment. He did quit the industry back in the day and a few projects in the past that haven't come to fruition, but hopefully that's not the case here as he's part of a new studio that seem to have pretty lofty ambitions.

    Anyway, so far they have the following games announced:

    Death Tales


    Originally named Reaper, originally revealed as a Vita exclusive in 2014. Still hasn't released as of 2017 and is now also coming to PS4, although it's in beta on PS4 so I feel it has at least a decent chance of coming out.

    Action-RPG/Platformer played from a 2D perspective for anyone interested.

    Plague Road


    Probably the game they're most known for that hit Kickstarter last year and is also coming in physical form through Limited Run Games, it's a turn-based strategy RPG with narration from Jim Sterling. Releasing across PC/Xbox 1/PS4 & Vita. I suspect this one will definitely release as it's supposedly nearly finished and they have the LRG contract

    The Witch Trials


    Following their successful Kickstarter for Plague Road (boosted tremendously by Vita fans, I might add), Luc took to our very own Vita Lounge to talk to Kyle about their next upcoming title - a visual novel/turn-based RPG hybrid called "The Witch Trials". Other than what's in the article, we don't know much about it (or how far along development is) because they're not talking about it until after Plague Road releases.

    Manufactured Beauty


    Yet another game revealed recently that we don't know much about, Manufactured Beauty is an Adventure/RPG/Platformer that's supposed to be 3D and coming to Vita at some point in the future.

    It's also worth noting that the devs have teased an open-world 3D RPG for Vita before:

    And I swear to god they also suggested they might work on a platformer, but so far we haven't got any concrete info on any of those.

    So guys, any interest in any of these games? I'm down for a Plague Road physical copy already and would likely be up for trying some of the other out.
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    Interesting and looking forward to plague road.

    If it turns out well I will switch to pumped as I like the look of all these vita games they are trying to do.

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