Assassin's Creed Chronicles coming to PSVita [Confirmed]

Discussion in 'PlayStation Vita Games' started by Takao, Mar 28, 2015.


Do you think this will happen?

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  1. comeoutpunching

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    I played a stage last night and thought it was good fun. Reminds me of Oddworld New N Tasty in a way. It played fine on that stage (no weird lag).
  2. SunnyWindy

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    James Hall, just two posts above yours, played it the whole week end, he said it :p

    I got my copy yesterday but didn't play it yet as my backlog is quite impressive right now. I'm just in the mindset of "If I don't buy it when I see it, I probably won't find it again..."
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  3. shadowman

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    I'm up to around chapter 10 on the China DLC, I did discover one glitch on chapter 9 (the chapter where you have to free the concubines). Right at the beginning of the chapter, after the first checkpoint you have an area with two guards, numerous pillars and some grass. You can stealth round the pillars and leap into the grass where the second guard is patrolling. DO NOT attempt to take the guard out, it crashes the game instantly for me. Instead just walk behind him and climb up the wall to the next part of the level. Its an odd glitch but easily avoidable. I triggered it 2-3 times in quick succession when hitting the attack button, so that's definitely what seems to be triggering the glitch, thankfully the guard is easy to avoid without taking him out so it doesn't really add any difficulty to the area.

    Otherwise I'm loving the game as a stealth game. You continue to get more and more useful stealth techniques as the game goes on and the game continues to throw more challenging encounters into the game as you go. Its requires trial and error though, as I'm a bit too impatient sometimes and run too far ahead, not surveying the surroundings enough... I don't like the combat though, it feels slow and clunky (to be fair, just like console AC combat) so I just restart checkpoints and stick to stealth as its 100 times more fun. Only other downside is the story, its the same old rubbish from the series, and the Chinese characters almost all sound English, bar your mentor who sounds French... The setting is great though, as is the music and a couple of the graphical effects employed on the backgrounds/environments.

    Bar the glitch mentioned above the game seems rock solid. Very smooth frame rate and no other hiccups that I've seen. Glad that Ubisoft ported this game to the Vita, seems like a decent little game to play in short(ish) bursts (its worth mentioning some levels are pretty big).
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