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    I was looking at attachment rates on consoles

    The average console only has an attachment rate of 5 new games per console.

    Now I assume there is a second hand market out there which is ignored here so the number of actual games played (by each system owner) is probably far higher than 5 because many people are dipping in the second hand games market and in fact playing more than five (new) games on their systems. I for example only buy principally second hand so have an attachment rate of say 1-2.

    But that attachment rate seems woefully low, if companies (the manufacturers, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo etc) are increasingly selling their hardware at or near cost (e.g. PS3 and 3DS were reported to sold near cost) its then difficult to see how companies are making their money with low attachment rates or be prepared to loss lead.

    Although let's say 90 million PS3's were sold at cost, that's 450 million new games, at say £10 (rake) a pop to Sony on each new game, that's 4500 million in Sonys coffers before overheads. So in one sense it stakes up. I don't know of the accuracy of a £10 a pop figure I'm just using that as a rough guide.

    On the VITA you can understand why the price wasn't dropped, it's probably a premium system and was probably being sold at or near cost, if they dropped the price £50, with say a 5 attachment at (say £10 a pop), they would never have made any money.

    What's your (personal) attachment and thoughts on this?

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