Cable and memory card problems

Discussion in 'PlayStation Vita General Discussion' started by Imunlaukr, May 5, 2014.

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    Yesterday was an unlucky day for me and my PS Vita. First I discovered my almost new recharge/synch cable was not working anymore. I bought it about a month ago, replacing the original one, whose protective rubber was reduced to nothing near the connecting ends, and would work only with careful bending and total stillness. Then the new one, although better treated and much healthier in appearance (actually there's nothing wrong on the outside), is definitely broken. Not even the slightiest sign of life. I'm sure the machine itelf has no problems, since the old cable works, with limitations. How can I fix this? Has anyone of you had the same annoyance?

    As for the memory card, after a panicked attempt of saving my PS Vita from a fall, that resulted in hitting quite harshly the screen, all of my saves, photos, music, not porn and games disappeared. Even worse it was as the card wasn't in. I tried turning off the system and reinserting it, rebuilding the database through safe mode, but none worked. At last, today, I lazily tried to pull the card out and put it back in while the system was in function. It couldn't make the situation worse, I thought. It in fact fixed everything :D, so if you have or will have the same problem, ths may be a valuable last resort. Thanks in advance for the attention and possible answers!

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