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    So, what are the Vita games you keep coming back to, again and again, after several years? List 'em!

    Everybody's Golf - my fav Vita game. I just can't get enough of this title. When you've played it as much as I have, it's super easy to just jump right in and hit the ball with barely any time needed to think how.

    Hustle Kings - Fantastic pick-up-and-play pool title. The touch screen controls make this extremely simply, yet strangely very addictive.

    Backgammon Blitz - never thought I'd even like this. In spite of the game being way too easy for me, the relaxing visuals and music make this a great title to play when wanting to unwind.

    Everybody's Tennis - OK, a PSP title, but I have sunk a ridiculous amount of time on this title, and continue to play the odd, single game when I have 5 - 10 minutes to spare.

    Monster Monpiece - A title I wish I had bought years before. Again, I have a system for winning just about any match, but even with that, I get a sick enjoyment from playing and watching myself trounce the AI. Would love to play again a real opponent one day.

    Shinobido - I was once addicted to this title. Probably played between 200-300+ hours on this title. I've maxed out the character levels and all the bomb items to the point where I can one-hit kill the final boss with one bomb on the hardest difficulty. And yet, the hilarious gameplay has me coming back every so often.

    Bullet Girls Phantasia - 3rd person shooters are my fav genre, but they are so far and few between these days. This one has standard gameplay + lots of fanservice. Some nice music too. Will keep coming to this until the Switch has such a title.

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