Guide: Backup Saved Data, or Fix Game Data Without Losing Your Save

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    Hey Vita fans.

    This is sort of an odd guide as it's not really something that's been planned for on Sony's part - we're basically doing a workaround to either backup saved data without game data, or alternatively we're fixing a corrupt game where save data is intact.

    Note; This will not work as a "fix" in all cases, but it's a good last ditch effort as it has worked in the past.

    Anyways, getting down to it;
    1. Sync the game to your PC with content manager. (individual backup)
    2. Go to the location is syncs to (for me it's My Documents as default)
    3. Open the "PSVita" folder, the "App" folder inside it, and then the strangely named one inside that (there should only be one unless you've synced multiple accounts to one PC)
    4. Find the folder for your game by using the "view by details" function (right click menu), with the game you just synced having today's date as its last modified date.
    5. Copy the save folder inside that folder to a new location (not anywhere inside that PSVita folder or its sub-folders) <Stop here if just backing up save data>
    6. Delete the game from your PSVita, and redownload it fresh.
    7. Sync it to your PC again.
    8. Repeat #4 and #5 to locate the new synced game.
    9. Copy the save data from the first game back into the second game's folder, overwriting if it asks you to.
    10. Sync it back to your Vita with content manager
    11. Hope it worked.
    Just as a note for those having issues with the game loading after step #10, you must have the same game data (or "better") when loading the copied save for the first time - meaning if you had DLC or a patch attached when that save was made they must be present for it to load properly!
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