How do you manage your Vita's bubble limit?

Discussion in 'PlayStation Vita General Discussion' started by zodaex, May 30, 2018.

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    I'm curious how other member's here with 90+ Vita games deal with the system's strict 100 bubble limit for games and apps.

    A couple of years ago I proceeded to install every of my games to my Vita-TV to see if a 64GB card was big enough to hold all of my games, but was quite surprised that my limiter was actually the console's limit on how many bubbles/icons you're allowed to have, rather than being limited by the amount of gigabytes on the card.

    It is possible to create folders in order to store up to 10 icons within one bubble, and I have messed around with that in order to install all of my games at once, but my goodness does it look horribly ugly compared to the normally nice-looking icons you would regularly have. It also makes alphabetizing your games an absolute nightmare, with the way the folder bubbles behave when you try to manually organize them. It's hard to explain, but if you've ever tried it before then i'm sure you know exactly what i'm talking about. The other problem too, is how would I even sort my various games into folders. The majority of my Vita game library consists of mostly original, or one off titles. Aside from the Atelier and Lego games, i'd be hard pressed to even come up with categories that would be sensible to me. Not enough Vita games "go together" if you know what I mean, and lots are multi-genre so I couldn't even imagine a way to organize them with folders that wouldn't look like crap and be appropriately grouped.

    Lately i've gotten sick of the juggle of having to pick a game to uninstall whenever i'm ready to install something else so i've come up with a new organization system that's been working out much better for me. First, I put all of my digital games into folders at the bottom window just to get them out of the way, while being able to keep them permanently installed. (I find it annoying to re-download my games because my download list is cluttered with pages and pages of PS3 demos that make it really hard to find my Vita downloads) I like this a lot, because before, my digital games just naturally got a permanent bubble slot because of the pain of re-downloading them regardless of how much I actually played them. My digital titles had quite an unfair representation on my system just because they were digital. The other thing I did is uninstall all of my games that i'm not actively playing on, or that didn't have significant progress. I made another bubble at the bottom for uninstallable system apps that I never use, and one more for uninstallable system apps that I only use on occasion. Now my Vita's launch screen is super uncluttered and it's been much easier to quickly find the games I want to play when i'm ready to play them.
    A funny side effect of the tidy up, is I can feel a significant increase in framerate when I scroll through my bubbles now. I was absolutely getting sub 15 frames per second scrolling threw my launch screen before, but now it scrolls much much more smoothly.
    I thought i'd share my strategy since I used to fiddle away so much time organizing my launch screen, and this made it so much easier for me to stay organised.
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    Lol bubble limit.

    Accepted and use pages of bubble folders A-Z with plenty of letters having a S1, S2, S3.

    Page below this houses 2 bubbles on all sony pre-installed icons

    2 bubbles download games

    4 bubbles download pstv games.

    I don't worry about if actual games are alphabetical just in the letter category.
    Inserting the game opens correct folder anyways.

    Yes it is ugly but usable with my 400+ bubbles, this or was gonna have to delete stuff. That defeats purpose of my 64gb card in first place.
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    I have two 16GB cards that are more meant for two people being able to play simultaneously, than for storing more games, so for storage pretty much one 16GB card. This means that I can't just put everything on one card. What I do, then, is keep a good check with an external app (My Game Collection for Android, also my collection-check app) on my progress of games: finished/100%/started/backlog. I always upload save files to PS+ cloud storage. I delete a game if I can't see myself going back to it (any time soon), which is usually after I finish it. I have a ton to play, so I often don't opt for new game+ or something, unless the game was just that good (Persona 4, for example).

    I like not having too many pages to go through, so I still organize them in folders (despite it looking less nice, admittedly), divided with digital/physical. Within the folders I try to look for little patterns in the game icons to make something nice. I usually look for a nice shape to put them in (rather than randomly placing the bubbles), something symmetrical, sometimes organize them per colour, or with the particular design of the icons (once for example I had face icons on the middle row, a few breast icons in the down row(Senran Kagura and Valkyrie Drive for example) and then some multiple face ones on the top row, making it look somewhat like a group picture). I also have wife-made custom wallpapers, and try to place my bubbles nicely positioned around the flow of the image. I'll make a screenshot when at home :D
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