How is different about Apex Tales and Fortnite?

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    For the record, Apex is a great, polished game with some seriously exciting possible. The dev team have taken lessons from Fortnite, Overwatch, LoL and other online games to carve themselves a niche within the Fight Royale genre. It’s fresh and different, and offers a welcome escape for those unwell of the Fortnite mill.

    But I don’t think Apex has the general appeal Fortnite has. Portion of Fortnite’s success can be attributed to their cartoon graphics and easy understanding. You don’t have to be a game lover to understand the items and concepts of Fortnite, whereas Apex is advertised more towards ‘real’ game enthusiasts, and is a tad bit more intricate.

    Secondly, Drake and Ninja thrust themselves, Fortnite and streaming into the spot light - Drake’s legitimacy as a cool guy made Fortnite cool, and in the same way the breadth of support from across the mass media made everyone want to get involved. So significantly this hasn’t existed on the same scale for Apex. I think very low tough act to follow. Folks are still a little burned out from the hype Fortnite developed and the whole concept of gaming for money has lost a number of its jolt appeal.

    Fortnite had an amazing recipe of unique gameplay and it deepens itself naturally to amusing things happening. It produces great content and I actually do not even need to talk about what became of the emotes… I’m not positive Apex has that same shareability.

    For now I got some cheap safe apex legends coins,Im going to buy both , and whenever I’m unwell of Fortnite I actually go and cool down by getting clapped on Apex. At the ending of the day I actually can only smack so many chairs before I actually go insane.

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