Most anticipated games for 2017! (All systems)

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    So after lots of deliberation, I compiled a list of my most anticipated games for this year. Only games that have been announced for a western release with a slated 2017 date can make the cut. Also, this list may be edited as new games are announced. As a side note, there will be other games that I'm looking forward to, but these are top of my list. So in reverse order...

    16. Detroit: Become Human

    Okay, I admit it. I loved Heavy Rain. A lot. And while I thought Beyond: Two Souls was laughably bad, I think Quantic Dream have a chance at redeeming themselves.

    15. DJ Max Respect

    Guitar Hero for weeaboos? Whatever the case, after loving Superbeat Xonic I'm ready to try what looks to be the most expansive DJ Max game ever, with a ridiculous amount of content.

    14. Aeero

    I first played this at EGX 2015 and was blown away. Similar to Rez, but with sections that rely on moving your craft to the music, this is a game that more people need to be aware of.

    13. Tokyo Xanadu

    It's been a long time coming, but the Vita's answer to Persona is almost here. You should all know about this one!

    12. The Sinking City

    With two Cthulhu mythos games coming this year, I have to give this the nod over Call of Cthulhu since the developers have proven their worth with the excellent Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. Could be a real sleeper hit.

    11. Dreams

    As a big fan of LBP, I need to get Dreams. The creation tools are astonishing. It'll be tremendously exciting to see what the community does with it.

    10. Resident Evil 7

    I'm cautiously optimistic for what could very well inject the series with a new lease of life. I hope it scares me senseless.

    9. Puyo Puyo Tetris

    I simply had to edit my post to put this in. Two juggernauts of the puzzle genre together at last, (behind only Lumines and Bust-A-Move IMO) and with tons of modes and content. I can't wait!

    8. Mary Skelter: Nightmares

    Out of all the Vita DRPGs, this is the one I've had my eye on the most. Slick, neon visuals, awesome soundtrack, and terrifying encounters with monsters that chase you through the dungeon have me very excited.

    7. Gravity Rush 2

    As a big fan of the first game I can't wait to see what new heights the sequel can reach. And Kat is a gorgeous as always...

    6. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    I love the setting, love the look of the combat, and love the visual style. This could well be the next big thing for PS4.

    5. Danganronpa V3

    I know next to nothing about this, and I am keeping it that way. I just hope it's good. Hope conquers all...

    4. Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

    The first game is one of my favourite RPGs of all time, and this beautiful sequel looks like it has he potential to top it. I can't wait!

    3. Nioh

    As someone who loves the Souls series (maybe even a little too much) I can't wait for this game. The alpha demo I played kicked my ass and left me begging for mercy. Hurt... me... more...

    2. Tekken 7

    Now that Kuma has been confirmed, my hype went through the roof. Come and play me if you dare...

    1. Persona 5

    Well what else was it going to be? Scalebound? (Too soon?) Persona 4 is the best JRPG of the past decade, and I will be damned if I miss out on this one.

    So that's my list. How about yours? :)
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    I haven't looked at the release list of 2017, but a few games come my mind :)
    Persona 5
    Horizon Zero Dawn (for my boyfriend)
    Yoshi wooly world (3DS)
    Resident Evil 7
    outlast 2
    Kingdom hearts 3
    Mass effect Andromeda (for my boyfriend)
    Tekken 7 (for my boyfriend)
    Red Dead Redemption (for my boyfriend)
    Days Gone
    Death Stranding
    Ever Oasis (3DS)
    The Last of Us 2

    Plus there are A LOT of Japanese games that I'm waiting for eagerly but the list is too long, plus it probably won't interest you guys XD
  3. lesdennis

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    Tekken 7!
  4. EckyThump

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    For me,

    Danganronpa V3, Mary Skelter: Nightmares, The Nonary Games for PSVita
    Mass Effect Andromeda, South Park: The Fractured But Hole, on PC. I'll probably get Yooka-Laylee too.
    I'll surely get DQVIII on 3DS, but I barely even got started on DQVII so I'll finish that first.
  5. Dee0342

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    What i'm mostly looking forward to are games like Nioh, Nier, Persona 5 and Zelda.

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