PC to PS Vita video streaming/copying video issue

Discussion in 'PlayStation Vita Help' started by Rob Phillips, Apr 12, 2017.

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    So I have found a lot of discussions o this subject, but none that are specifically the same as mine. If someone can enlighten me what I'm doing wrong, that would be great.

    I am using content manager on my PS vita and PC. Over wifi, I use my PS vita to go to video, click Technodrome (my PC name), click folders, and there is shows all my TV shows. Some do not show video files at all, some do, obviously depends on the format of the file.

    So I found out you have to use MP4 video with the proper encoding to watch videos in the vita. So I bought Wondershare Video Converter. In this program you can choose to convert to any file including MP4, or choose from Ps3, Ps4, PSP, and PS Vita. I have tried all these options and something weird happens. PS3 and PS4 work for the ps vita. However, after I watch one episode of a show I've converted to this format, the next episodes say "this file is not compatible with this system." but the thing is, I converted all the episodes into the same file, so how can one be watched an not the others?

    Also, converting to PS vita and PSP in this Wondershare program, do not work on the vita.

    Any other info can be given if needed.

    Windows 10
    Ps Vita 3.63
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    Not sure this will enlighten you but if you are in UK I would get the Network media Player

    I do not use that software but when I convert a video I use these settings which you may be able to translate into your software. I am also on Windows 10 and have 3.63 firmware:
    Video Size: 1280 x 720
    Quality: High
    Video Codec: x264
    Video Bitrate: 4000
    Aspect: Auto
    Encode Pass: 1

    Codec: aac
    Bitrate: 192
    Sample Rate: 48000
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    I wouldn't have bought that software, it sounds like a bunch of crap if I'm being honest and I'm sorry it's not helping you.

    I've used Handbrake (one of the best "simple" style encoding programs) to make videos Vita compatible in the past - and it works very, very well. The settings shown above (TriOpticon's) are available for selection in Handbrake, and should produce a file that you can play just fine.
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    I agree. Handbrake is all you need to re-encode files to the Vita. I've done it before and it works pretty well but there are so many cool games out there that can't even all fit on a 64GB card as is i've decided it's not worth the trouble playing videos on the Vita when tablets are so dirt cheap nowdays and can do a better job of playback without even having to re-encode the video most of the time.

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