Petition to unban Fanny Magnet

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Should Fanny Magnet be forgiven and unbanned?

  1. God Yes

  2. Hell no

  1. zodaex

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    My fiercest cohort, comrade and dear friend Fanny_Magnet was banned from The Vita Lounge in July 2018. I haven't spoke to him since them. :( Was what he did or said really that bad and beyond forgivable? I wasn't privy to any of the details of his banishment. I was visiting here daily and then all of a sudden one day, poof he was banned and I never saw and evidence on the site anywhere as to why. I genuinely believe he's a good lad deep down and doubt he would cause any more troubles here if unbanned. He's just one person. And he POSTS. He makes actual posts on the forum unlike the majority of the members here and in my opinion at least is damn funny and liven this place up a lot.
    What do ya'll think Murphy , Terramax & Liam?

    Could we give him a second chance? I think all of us have yearned for a second chance at one time or another in our lives!! :)
    Just for fun I made a poll about it in order to gage the feelings of the overall community on this one. I get the feeling that most here wouldn't mine if he was given a second chance but I went ahead and made a poll because don't want to try and speak for everybody.
  2. Vita_Girl

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    Nah if he comes back I'm gone here, after his behaviour last time (also against me) that ban was well deserved.

    It was sad however, if he did behave normal this would never happen in first place, and I highly doubt unbanning him would change that way of acting.

    Nothing more to say about it, but I even prefer those chinese spammers over him.

    I'm not again a second chance, but at least for me he wasted that time more of them than he should.

    P.S I don't know it those posts do still exist, after his ban the site was once down for a long time and after putting it back some topics were deleted (like the What did you bought for your Vita one)

    However if he REALLY changed since then that's not to me to decide if he should be unbanned.
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