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    Hi guys

    With the kickstarter for my book only a few days from finishing, I thought I’d post an update here on progress made in the last month for those that haven’t seen the updates on the kickstarter:

    1. I had previously announced that the book will include an interview with Chris Millar, from FunBits, Director of Escape Plan. I also interviewed the developers of Frobisher Says. I’ve got 3 more interviews in the pipeline that I will reveal once they are done.

    2. Both the Escape Plan and Frobisher says interviews were super long and had loads of interesting info. The physical book wont have space for two 15-20 page interviews so the physical version will have abridged versions of the interviews and there will be an extended digital version with the full interview transcript. All backers that have opted for a digital copy to be included will automatically get the extended version.

    3. I had a comment from people on reddit and the kickstarter that the design of the book wasn’t great. Well, since then I’ve been approached by a professional designer who is also a Vita fan about designing the book. The pages look waaaay better now thanks to Steve Thon.

    4. Luc Bernard, kindly donated 100 codes for Plague Road to be distributed to backers. I’ll be picking 100 backers at random to hand out the codes in April.

    5. Two of the stretch goals were to add extra game retrospectives and both have been met. Wipeout 2048 will be going in the book and there is a vote right now for the next game. It looks like Unit 13 is winning right now to be the next retrospective.

    Thanks again for everyone that’s supported the book and I’m happy to answer any questions.


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