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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Fanny Magnet, May 13, 2017.

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    I thought it would be a good idea to do a roll call!.

    A sort of re-introduce yourself.

    I'm Fanny Magnet aka Mike

    I've been playing the vita for 18 months and been on here about a year and doing my Learn the Bible with Fanny Magnet thread.

    I have about 50 games for the vita with about 40 in backlog. So probably about 3 - 5 years of backlog.

    I've stopped buying games because the only games I can buy are now principally LRG's and imports and they are too expensive. I just hoovered up the cheap old AAA titles.

    Because I don't now buy games i'm usually lurking about the off topic forum.

    I think I'll be here to the end probably lurking about the off topic forum. I don't think I'll ever sell my vita, I've bought a 2DS but will only buy a few games, hopefully someone will buy me a switch but I think I will be playing my vita with the backlog I have for say 5 years, but probably not buying anymore games.

    I'm more into the bible than the vita, but I do like the vita and it is my aim to spend 3 hours a day with it and say 5 hours with the bible and 5 hours doing my accountancy studies. That will keep me busy.

    I'm 48 and effectively retired on health grounds.
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    New to The "Lounge" I am member Miah's wife and I am 37 and disabled. I sit at home playing my old retro consoles, but lately I am enjoying the Vita! I am always looking for other Vita owners to want to MP or Co-op, hit me up see if I own it and I will join or host if I am available.

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