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    This thread is for information on the settings and stock applications included with the firmware. This only covers what will be on a fresh out of the box Vita with current firmware and not downloaded applications, games, or extras.

    Settings Explained:
    • Flight Mode - Turn off all internal radios (3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi)
    • System Update - Update the main system software/firmware to a new version if available; you can update with Wifi, via PS3, or through the PC.
    • Network - Wifi setup, including testing and status.
    • PlayStation Network - Sign in/out, Edit your profile, account info, PS+ automatic update settings, system activation/deactivation, privacy settings, Facebook/Twitter integration settings.
    • Devices - Bluetooth device management and external keyboard settings
    • Notifications - Settings for notifications via the bubble in the top right on the main menu, lights, and sounds - covering many different applications/situations.
    • Sound & Display - Settings for Brightness, System Music, AVLS and auto-mute when headphones disconnected.
    • Theme & Background - Change your theme (downloaded from the PS Store), start screen or home screen background images here.
    • Location Data - Enable/disable location data for different games/apps you have installed (or enable/disable it globally).
    • Security - Screen Lock options.
    • Date & Time - Set the time, set your time zone, adjust for Daylight Savings Time, change the date format and/or time format here.
    • Language - Set the system language and input languages.
    • System - Includes system information, auto-start settings, control toggles, USB power supply toggles, PlayStation Mobile version info, Error History, IP Notices, and Google Maps terms.
    • Format - Restore default settings for different aspects of the Vita, or format your memory card and/or system to a fresh-out-of-box state.
    • Power Save Settings - Set auto standby time and choose whether to "Use Wi-Fi in Power Save Mode" - which is a strange way of asking if you want to throttle the speed for Wi-Fi to save power, not an option to use Wi-Fi when the Vita is in stand-by.

    Applications Explained:
    • Browser - This is the PlayStation Vita's web browser, which you use to visit websites. It supports HTML5 audio and video as well as most modern web-coding standards (aside from Flash).
    • Content Manager - The way you get things on and off your Vita, as well as managing what's on your memory card. You can connect via USB or Wi-Fi to both PS3 and PC (you must have the content manager or OpenCMA installed on your PC to connect to it). For PS+ users, it also enables the option to sync via Online (the cloud). All transfers to and from the Vita are done on the Vita itself, using the content manager app.
    • Email - This is an email app, allowing you to link an email address and receive email via your PSVita.
    • Friends - This is your PlayStation Network buddy-list application. Here you can check out friends' PSN profiles, add new friends, accept friend requests and block users from contacting you.
    • Maps - This is an app to view mapping data, either using your location or a set of input co-ordinates. Think of it as "Google Maps for Vita". (As of firmware v3.50 Maps has been removed from the PSVita)
    • Messages - This is the PlayStation Network messaging app, it is used to reply to messages or send messages to other PSN members.
    • Music - The app for playback of audio files.
    • Near - This app looks at Wifi/3G access points and determines your relative location (without being too specific for security reasons). It then tells you who has logged in to the PSN on their Vita near you, what games they’ve been playing, and a strange type of rating on those games using emoticons. "Game Goods" are items shared by other Vita users that allow early access to levels or upgrades, as well as hidden items. These are downloaded via "tags" offered from players, a “bonus” for using near. (As of firmware v3.50 Map functionality has been removed from the Near)
    • Parental Controls - Enables you to set up content locks for barring younger users from opening inappropriate content on the Vita.
    • Party - This is the party chat application, and allows you to form a room for online voice chat between friends.
    • Photos - Access the camera function or view taken pictures/screenshots.
    • PS Store - Opens the PlayStation Network storefront for the Vita, allowing you to purchase and download content digitally.
    • PS3 Remote Play - This enables connection to the PS3 to stream downloaded video, music, pictures, and games (only certain games supported, some disk-based games even work). Cross controller is also enabled from here, and again is supported only by certain games.
    • PS4 Link - This is the PlayStation Vita app for connecting to your PS4 remotely, either for use of Remote Play or the Second Screen function.
    • Trophies - Keep track of your PSN trophies (Acknowledgements of game accomplishments, akin to gamerscore) It has a mode for just the Vita, or the entire PSN.
    • Videos - The app for playback of video files.
    • Welcome Park - This app/game is a simple way to introduce you the the Vita's features. It contains five mini games showcasing the features and prowess of the Vita. It contains a puzzle game, a skateboarding side-scroller, a sound-based rhythm demo, a bubble-popping reflex tester and a swipe/slide game that does the same reflex testing in a different way. It's perfect for the new Vita owner to get into the swing of things and really figure out what it can do. It contains trophies as well, so try and beat the suggested scores!
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