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Discussion in 'PlayStation Vita Help' started by Findad, May 9, 2017.

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    Help needed - we are a two vita house! Recently put my sons marvel vs Capcom into my vita - message came up saying it basically belonged to a different machine - all his win/loss data showed up on mine and I couldn't access online - he can.
    I don't really understand how this is happening tbh especially as we bought it second hand so had already been plugged into another machine? any advice please.
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    There are about 5 Vita launch games that save trophy and save data directly to the game card instead of the Vita's memory card. As a measure to counter folks potentially cheating to obtain PSN achievements, you must erase the save data on the game card before it will let you connect to PSN because it knows another PSN user's save data still on the game card.

    The exact same thing happened to me with Hello Kitty, err I mean macho murder arena or whatever manly game I was playing at the time. ;)
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