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Discussion in 'Nintendo Discussion' started by Terramax, Jan 19, 2019.

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    Just downloaded Outrun for £5.99.

    I was concerned I wouldn't like it all that much (I did have on the megadrive, but I wasn't enamoured by the title). That it would be too basic for my tastes. I can't say I love it now, but it's challenging enough, and ends quickly enough that I can see myself sinking 15 minutes here and there over the coming years and get my monies worth.

    I was expecting it to be priced at £7.99, so the £5.99 price take was a pleasant surprise too.

    Meanwhile, I've put in about 3 hours into Gal Gun 2 over the last 2 or so weeks, but it feels like more than that. I've been skipping many of the cutscenes as, like most Japanese games, the pacing is terrible, and the translated dialog isn't anything to write home about. Gameplay is fun, but it's a shame that, from what I can tell, you can't use your sensor bars instead of analog. Missed opportunity IMO.

    The gameplay is certainly a step-up from the Vita title. Being able to pan 360 degrees at any time adds another dimension to the gameplay. You can also move up and down, as well as lean left and right, but personally I find it fiddly to do all of those with buttons instead of analog.

    Fun game in short bursts. I suspect I'll enjoy it more once I've completed it and just replay levels again, without having to bother with cutscenes and other fluff. On a side note, I'm disappointed that extra costumes are being sold separately. Seriously, all of this should be included in the base game.

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