What is your Top 10 Vita games so far?

Discussion in 'PlayStation Vita Games' started by Oxygen1777, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Sam

    Sam Active Member

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    This was ALOT harder to order than I thought

    1. Uncharted: GA
    2. Borderlands 2
    3. Persona 4
    4. Gravity Rush
    5. Killzone
    6. Assassins Creed : Liberation
    7. Need For Speed
    8. Soul Sacrifice
    9. Tearaway
    10. Walking Dead S1&2

    11. Virtues Last Reward
    12. Sly Cooper : Thieves in Time
    13. Sound Shapes
    14. Rainbow Moon
    15. Dragons Crown

    Note ; I'm yet to play...

    Stiens Gate
    FFX HD
    God of War Collection
  2. FrameHallofFame

    FrameHallofFame Active Member

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    Why do you not respond girl? :(
  3. SasukeTheRipper

    SasukeTheRipper Well-Known Member

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    Gravity Rush
    Soul Sacrifice (I haven't played Delta yet)
    God of War Collection (even though the trophy bugs suck!)
    Killzone: Mercenary
    One Piece: Unlimited World Red
    Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    WipEout 2048

    But there are still some game that I got to play: Sword Art Online: Lost Song, Freedom Wars (playing right now), Toukiden: Kiwami, and others.
  4. Colorado Rockie

    Colorado Rockie Well-Known Member

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    1. Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    2. Ys
    3. Disgaea 4
    4. Freedom Wars
    5. Need for Speed: Most Wanted
    6. PS All-Stars
    7. MLB: The Show series
    8. Rayman: Origns
    9. Gravity Rush
    10. New Little King's Story
  5. Mateus

    Mateus Active Member

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    It's very hard for me to do a top 10 of Vita games because I never played so much in a console... But lets try to respond the challenge:

    1) Persona 4 Golden
    2) DanganRonpa (1 and 2)
    3) Zero Escape: Virtue´s Last Reward
    4) Soul Sacrifice Delta
    5) Tearaway
    6) Freedom Wars
    7) Gravity Rush
    8) Atelier Series
    9) Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
    10) Ys:Memories of Celceta

    And there´s inumerous honorable mensions like: Dead orAlive 5 Plus, Rayman Origins, Toukiden, Killzone Mercenary, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Muramasa Rebirth, New Little King Story, Hotline Miami, Fez, Guacamelee!, Borderlands 2, The Walking Dead, Child of Light, Demon Gaze, Metal Gear Solid Collection, Super Stardust Delta, Hot Shots Golf, Wipeout... and so on and on...
  6. creepysuitguy

    creepysuitguy New Member

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    In alphabetical order.

    Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate
    Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc
    Hotline Miami
    Lone Survivor
    Metal Gear Solid HD
    OlliOlli 2
    Super Time Force Ultra
  7. Phil Wyatt

    Phil Wyatt Active Member

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    My normal list:

    1 Danganrompa (all parts - one of the best series of all time!!!)
    2 Persona 4: Golden (Magic)
    3 Killzone Mercenary (Most graphically impressive handheld game ever)
    4 Little Big Planet Vita (Best Version of LBP on any system?)
    5 Uncharted (A worthy game in the series, in my opinion. Love it)
    6 Wipeout 2048 (One the best racing games I have played)
    7 Steins; Gate (Very clever story you think about for days afterwards)
    8 Tearaway (Really shows what the vita can do)
    9 Unit 13 (Underlooked gem)
    10 Gravity Rush (Had to make this list)

    I was bored so I made some other lists too!

    Top ten lesser known games not many people mention which I like.

    1. Escape Plan - A great game which no one ever mentions. Original, clever puzzles and great graphics.

    2. Kick and Fennick - I really rate this game. A very clever platformer using the recoil of a gun and slow motion to reach some amazingly intricate platforms. Good graphics and highly enjoyable.

    3. Smart As (Great to have a quick go of every day, brush the cobwebs out of the brain and John Cleese from Monty Python does the narration! Can’t get much better then that!)

    4. Vita Pets - I bought this on sale and glad I did. Wasn't expecting anything this good, great fun and so much to do... okay the talking dogs freak me out a bit though!

    5. Frobisher Says - Hilariously weird game, bizarre mini games that use all features of the Vita. Showed some of my nintendo friends this and they all wanted a vita afterwards :p

    6. Cosmophony - Hard as hell but I just can’t stop playing it. It shouldn't be this much fun!

    7. Senran Kagura Bon Appetit! (Boobs and Food in a game, the three things I love most :p Very funny (if a bit perverted) and cool songs too! )

    8. PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate - This one is a really addictive little blaster/puzzle game. I love it!

    9. Flower - Still one of the most chill games ever. Looks beautiful on Vita too.

    10. Hohokum - Weird but figuring out what to do is so much fun


    Best Multiplayer Fun I’ve had:

    1. Freedom Wars
    2. Minecraft
    3. Sonic All Stars Racing
    4. Worms (Great fun in multiplayer, you can chat as you play)
    5. Real Boxing (Had so much fun kicking ass with this one, a bargin price too)
    6. Helldivers
    7. Reality Fighters (One of the funniest games ever)
    8. Soul Sacrifice Delta
    9. Toukieden: Kwaimi
    10. Need For Speed Most Wanted

    Top 5 Best Apps and Non Games:

    1. Beaterator (okay, it’s a PSP title, but It's even better on the Vita because of the inbuilt Mic - unless you have a PSP 3000 of course. I highly recommend it if you are into creating music. It's by Rockstar Games, no less! You can turn your Vita into a mini studio and easily make songs and beats anywhere, import your own samples and sounds etc... surprising just how much you can do with it and it comes with hundreds of instruments and samples.) One of the best things on Vita still! I plan to make a whole album using it when I get time.
    2. Wake-Up Club - Still my best way to wake up in the mornings, as I live in Asia I usually wake up around the same time as lots of Japanese people and then it’s a race to see who can wake first. Has stopped me being so lazy in the mornings.
    3. TuneIn Radio. Always something cool to listen to on here.
    4. Live from playstation - Cool to watch people playing live on their PS4’s and see what else is out there.
    5. Near - I still use it to find people nearby who have Vitas, pretty essential.
  8. Akros

    Akros Well-Known Member

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    No order in particular:

    Toukiden Kiwami
    Dead or Alive 5+
    Dragon's Crown
    Sly Raccoon Thieves in Time
    Muramasa Rebirth
    Akiba's Trip
    Final Fantasy X
    Neptunia Saga
    Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus

    Can't wait to play Digimon, Dengeki Bunko and SSD once my packages arrive!
  9. mini_matesy

    mini_matesy Member

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    Can't work out an order but my top ten are:

    Final Fantasy X
    Rainbow Moon
    Rogue Legacy
    Everybody's Golf
    Unit 13
    Hotline Miami
    Disgaea 4
    EDF 2017
    The Swindle

    I'm sure there are some I'm forgetting, but these are the ones I'm always going back to, and FFX was also my favourite Ps2 game back in the day
  10. Magnum0ik

    Magnum0ik Well-Known Member

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    Purely based on what I have properly played.

    1 Sword Art Online - Hollow Fragment
    2 Killzone
    3 Final Fantasy X/X2
    4 Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc
    5 Bastion
    6 Treasures of Montezuma 4
    7 Walking Dead Series 1
    8 The Wolf Among Us
    9 Virtues Last Reward
    10 Helldivers

    I also have games such as MGS, SAO Lost Song, Steinsgate which will no doubt be in my top 10 but not got to them yet!!
  11. gamezalv

    gamezalv Well-Known Member

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    Picking out top ten games out of so many is really difficult, but still here's my list (which I'll probably update every couple of months or so since there's so many great games coming out this year!):
    1) Persona 4 Golden and Persona 4 Dancing All Night
    2) Soul Sacrifice Delta
    3) Dungeon Travelers 2
    4) Dragon's Crown and Muramasa Rebirth (hard to choose between these two :p)
    5) Danganronpa Series
    6) Disgeae 4
    7) YS Memories of Celceta
    8) Steins Gate
    9) Oreshika Tainted Bloodlines
    10) Tales of Hearts R

    Some honorable mentions:
    1) Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment
    2) One Piece Pirate Warriors 3
    3) Freedom Wars
    4) Borderlands 2 (port sucked but still I enjoyed my time with it)
    5) Ar Nosurge Plus
    6) Hyperdimension Series
    7) Killzone Mercenary
    8) Corpse Party Blood Drive
    9) Earth Defense Force 2
    10) Monster Monpiece

    The list above only contains ps vita games. No psp or ps1 games (otherwise I would have included Trails in the sky FC, SC and suikoden 1 and 2 + a few others)

    Top 10 indies:
    1) Nuclear Throne
    2) Velocity 2X
    3) Frozen Synapse Prime
    4) Helldivers
    5) Child of Light
    6) Sound Shapes
    7) Shovel Knight
    8) Guacamelee!
    9) Rogue Legacy
    10) The Binding of Issac Rebirth

    Lastly the lists above are in no particular order.
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  12. Gotrek Gurnisson

    Gotrek Gurnisson Well-Known Member

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    That's gonna be a tough one..

    For now these are my favourites:
    1. Persona 4 Golden / P4G Dancing All Night
    2. FFX / X-2
    3. Soul Sacrifice / Delta
    4. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
    5. Metal Gear Solid HD collection
    6. Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus / Bon Appetit
    7. Muramasa / Dragon's Crown
    8. Hatsune Miku series
    9. Walking Dead S1&s2
    10. Dj Max Technika Tune

    I still have to play through most of the well-known series: Atelier, Danganronpa, Neptunia (just started 1st one), Disgaea and a few others are lined up.

    I'm pretty sure that this list will change as I'll be going through my backlog.

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