Xonic Superbeat Campaign Progression Glitch

Discussion in 'PlayStation Vita Help' started by zodaex, Aug 23, 2017.

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    I lost all of my save data on my PS-TV due to a freak incident so i'm reinstalling all my games and starting over from scratch. I'm having a major problem with Xonic Superbeat however. In the main campaign, (World Tour Mode) it's not letting me progress past the very first song in order to play Song #2 and make any campaign mode progress. I am extremely sick of playing this first song over and over. I've perfected it. Cleared it again and again. I've even tried clearing all of the game's save data and starting over totally fresh again and it still won't let me progress past the first level.

    PS: I patched the game before I ever opened it for the first time.

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