TVL’s Vitamag

TVL-Magazine-Issue-1-CoverWelcome to the homepage of our latest PlayStation Vita coverage endeavor; The Vita Lounge Magazine.

Conceived a long time ago in a Skype chat far, far away, The Vita Lounge Magazine came to fruition for the coverage year of 2015 – but aims to bring you a lot of the best content from The Vita Lounge and the Vita community at large in magazine (and even print magazine) format.

The first issue covers the first three months of the year (in a quarterly format), the second issue is formatted as bi-monthly, and further issues come in a monthly release format as to better cover all the current happenings in the Vita world.

The Vita Lounge Magazine is currently set to release via internet based readers Calameo and Issuu, in digital download .pdf via Patreon (or right here at the bottom of the page for older issues), and even in physical print format (again through supportingĀ our Patreon page). If you’re looking for physical back issues, we’ve even got a place for that as well!

Have we sparked your interest? Take a look at some of our back issues and become one of the informed!

Magazine Issues;
  1. Q1 2015 (January 1st to March 31st)
  2. April – May 2015
  3. June 2015
  4. July 2015
  5. August 2015
  6. September 2015
  7. October 2015
  8. November 2015
  9. December 2015
  10. January 2016
  11. February 2016
  12. March 2016
  13. April 2016
  14. May 2016
  15. June 2016
  16. July 2016

Special Magazine Issues;
  1. Special Edition #1 – Top 40

Note: Right click the issue you want to download and choose “save as” or “save target as” to download.