Review Policy

With so many different websites and review scoring systems to choose from, it can be difficult for you to make an informed decision with a game. How can you determine whether a game is worth the difference between each decimal place? Each numeral or decimal between the tens? How can you trust that a game is for you?

Here at The Vita Lounge, we wanted to keep it easy and we have a scoring system out of five. Between an outstanding title or a rubbish one, with only five scores it becomes very easy to decide whether a title is worthy of your time and money.

It is important to note that even though we apply a score these scores are still arbitrary and only the opinion of the reviewer; but we always strive to ensure that the right person reviews each game. This gives each game the best chance possible – there is absolutely no point in a non-sports fan getting a sports title, for example – and it will be much easier for you to see if you would like it. Our reviews do not constitute fact; it is just a guideline to aid you in your decision making.

Each game is marked with the following criteria in mind:

Presentation The visuals and the soundtrack are areas that are taken into consideration here, as well as the overall atmosphere and theme of the game. Although how a game looks and feels are only part of the picture, it is still an essential part of the package.

Gameplay How does the game play? Is it fun? How are the controls? How good is the narrative? Any new or interesting mechanics? This score wil measure how much enjoyment you will get from the game.

Lasting Appeal How long will it take you to complete the game and what is there to entertain you beyond that? Does the game represent excellent value (at the time of release) and will you get your money’s worth?

Execution This final area is where we look at how well the game compares to other equivalent titles on the Vita, or if anything has been rushed or removed from the series. Steps forward or backward or issues will be factored in here, and standout titles will be scored favourably.

These criteria will then be factored into the overall score, which are:

5 – Outstanding – Full marks indicates an almost perfect game- or at least as close as it can be. It will almost certainly be the best example of what can be achieved on the Vita and simply must be in your collection. It could also be argued that these games are worth buying a Vita for. That’s if there were loads of them, it will also be very rare to see a game get this score.

4+ – Excellent – Scoring above 4 means that this is something that should definitely be in your collection. These games are very good indeed, and serve as great examples of what can be achieved on the Vita.

3+ – Good – On a five star scale a three is slap bang in the middle and above average. We class these games as good. Perseverance will yield some some fun. These games may suffer with slight presentational issues or have cut back features.

2+ – Poor – Hardcore fans of the series or genre may find something worthwhile but generally speaking this is one to avoid.

1+ – Rubbish – The genre may be to your tastes but try as you might you will struggle to enjoy the game.