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It's clone-ly out in Space!

You are stranded on Theseus, a damaged space station and need to find a way to escape. Whilst searching for a way out you will come across a portable cloning device, the titular Swapper that allows for you to create copies of yourself in order to solve the game’s many puzzles. This cloning device’s other feature is that it allows you to switch control to any of the clones that you create, providing that there is a direct line of sight between yourself and them.

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With the PS2 being home to many great games, it is no surprise that a lot of remakes and remasters are getting released on newer PlayStation consoles with the PlayStation Vita getting its fair share of them. Back in this golden age of gaming, Sony’s first party studios were busy making a trio of outstanding trilogies that all fell into the platform genre. Naughty Dog had replaced Crash Bandicoot with the Jak & Daxter games, Sucker Punch created a stealthy Racoon named Sly Cooper and Insomniac were getting creative with the Ratchet & Clank series.