Ethan: Meteor Hunter is a physic-based puzzle-platformer from Seaven Studio that originally released on PlayStation 3 last October. The game starts with a cutscene that shows Ethan fighting with a fellow rodent when he is hit by a meteor. This collision leaves Ethan with time-stopping, telekinetic powers. Ethan then sets out to collect all the meteor parts that are scattered throughout the game, whilst chasing down the rodent that destroyed his house.


As I am playing FEZ, I think to myself “There is no way I’m going to make this jump.” I know how far I can jump, and I know how far the other platform is. I cannot make it, or at least I perceive I cannot make it. But this is FEZ, where perception is everything. Distance is an illusion that can be altered by looking at the world from a different perspective. If I rotate the world, look at things from a different perspective, suddenly the other platform is not an impossible goal. In fact now it takes but a mere hop to make it over there. This is the world of FEZ where changing your perspective changes everything.