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Hohokum is an interesting game to say the least. Playing as a multicoloured, snake-like ‘Long Mover’ you are placed into the world of Hohokum with no given goals or targets. Figuring out what you are supposed to do in this bright, colourful world is something that you must figure out for yourself. With no tutorial or hints the game leaves you to your own devices and encourages you to experiment and discover things on your own.

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God of War is a game that has defined PlayStation. Originally appearing on the PlayStation 2 in 2005, David Jaffe’s epic masterpiece has gone on to sprout sequels that would appear on the PS2, PS3, PSP, and now the PS Vita (yes, we are going to forget that God of War: Betrayal for feature phones was ever a thing). In 2007 Cory Barlog took the reins of the series and guided Kratos through a journey that was bigger, bolder, and even more epic in God of War II.

God of War Collection combines both of these monumental games into one package. With improved graphics and trophy support, this remastered version first appeared on the PS3, but now after long last, the tale of vengeance and betrayal can be played anywhere with the PS Vita.

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The people spoke, and the team at Sony Santa Monica listened. After scouring through their message boards and going through piles of player feedback, Sony Santa Monica has created a patch that is, as they call it, the “ultimate balance update” for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and is now available for download.