The Vita Cast

The Vita CastWelcome to our podcast page!

When we started this project well over a year ago, we couldn’t find a dedicated PlayStation Vita podcast on the internet – which lead us to believe that we should just up and make our own.

The Vita Cast is a weekly PlayStation Vita oriented podcast by real fans and for real fans. With each new episode we address what we’ve been playing, news and reviews from the previous week, games we’re looking forward to, hot topics from the Vita scene, listener mail, a featured recommendation, great new threads from the forum, and even special guests on occasion.

We hope you enjoy The Vita Cast, and thanks for listening! :)

PS; If you want to get in touch with a podcast inquiry or submit listener mail then please use the e-mail address to reach our dedicated podcast inbox.


Hosting/Download Methods

We currently are using Podbean, YouTube and iTunes to host the podcast, as well as having an on-site option for the latest episode and direct downloads at the bottom of this page. We hope we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to access and listen to the podcast, no matter your preferred method.

Episode 68: Excuse Me Kyle?

Direct Downloads:
  1. New Vita Edition (Premiere Episode)
  2. Welcome the Jasper
  3. Stormin’ Castles with Bobby
  4. Brian Rubs his Vita
  5. Tyler the Hypester
  6. Ben Loves My Avatars
  7. Papercraft and Personas
  8. Doki Doki D’oh!
  9. So Many Games, So Little Time
  10. Happy Holidays
  11. PlayStation Later
  12. Killer Cereal Jokes
  13. Punny Jokes an’ Skateboardin’ Blokes
  14. News Galore
  15. Talk is Cheap But This is Free
  16. Dangan Them Ronpas
  17. News and Cats
  18. Welcome the Jasper 2.0
  19. Back on Topic
  20. So Many Bubbles
  21. Paul Joins the Cast
  22. Freedom, Souls and Dead Bodies
  23. Week of Sales
  24. Borderlands 2 is Here
  25. Looting and Sacrificing
  26. Did You Say Randy Pitchfork?
  27. Release Date Issues
  28. E3 Predictions
  29. Post E3 Thoughts
  30. Welcome the Marcus
  31. Subbed or Dubbed
  32. More Anime, More Games
  33. Digital Only Problem
  34. Digital is So Last Week
  35. Charlie at Large
  36. Gamescom Predictions (2014)
  37. Where’s The Vita Love
  38. Link Start
  39. Get That HyperD
  40. Some Game Conference Love
  41. The Catch Up Week
  42. Terrible Accents
  43. Link Start?
  44. SENRAN KAGURA! …is Coming
  45. Roll 7 Joins the Cast
  46. Minecrafty Ninja Girls
  47. I’m Not A Tire
  48. Freedom Wars All Day
  49. One Away From 50!
  50. The Big Five Oh!
  51. Tales of Hearts R Talk
  52. We’re Thankful for All These Reviews
  53. Where’s The Release Date?
  54. Post PSX
  55. Bamco Give Us Games!
  56. Happy New Year!
  57. Kick Ass, Chew Gum, Play Vita
  58. Clearing the Backlog
  59. No Pants, No Problem
  60. Gotta Get Dat Plat
  61. Squeezable Cheeks
  62. Tons of Mail
  63. VitaSexual
  64. Happy Birthday Vita
  65. Welcome to Hell, Liam
  66. Cyber Slap
  67. Punishing Those Sticks
  68. Excuse Me Kyle?

Note: If you’re having trouble downloading the episodes, right click the link and choose “save link as” (or sometimes “save target as”).